Green Product: Harvest Cart is a solution to backyard farming

The small-scale harvesting cart makes collecting produce easier.

Trevor McClelland developed Harvest Cart for backyard and small-scale harvesting, in Oregon, USA. He created the farm cart in order to “put pleasure back into harvesting crops by alleviating the weight of the produce, making it easy to transport and manoeuvre throughout the farm.” 

The cart is made from lightweight beech wood and other raw materials, all of which are compliant with the standards of organic certification.  They are also made to be water resistant and sturdy. The collapsible design is easy to assemble, with colour coding to assist the user in matching up the components.  

The farm cart design includes a rest surface of foldable wooden slats, doubling as a cover for picked produce, and canvas bags. It also fits standard farming bins for larger yields, which most farmers are familiar with. 

Harvest is one of the selections for Berlin’s Green Product Award. The international competition recognises innovative and sustainable products and services around the world.

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