Green Product: Breathing Skins adapts to the environment

A showroom in Germany allows users to experience technology that adapts internal conditions to its external environment.

The Breathing Skins Showroom was developed in Mandelbachtal, Germany in 2015. It allows its audience to experience the Breathing Skins Technology first hand, and under realistic conditions.

“On every square meter, 140 pneumatic muscles are controlled without any visible technical installations,” reads the project’s website. 

Breathing Skins is a newly developed technology, an epidermal façade that can adjust its permeability according to its environment. It adapts to the fluctuating conditions of the external environment so that it can maintain control over and normalise the internal environment. The website explains that “around 2800 pneumatic muscles regulate the amount of incident light, views and air passing the facade of the showroom.”  This allows for greater accuracy in controlling the climate according to the needs of the user.

Breathing Skins describes itself as “an architectural experiment aimed at simplifying the future of human living.” The project is inspired by “organic skins that adjust their permeability to control the necessary flow of substances between inside and outside.”

Breathing Skins was awarded the AIT award for ‘Best in Interior and Architecture 2016’. It is currently one of the selections for Berlin’s Green Product Award. The international competition recognises innovative and sustainable products and services around the world.