Graphite: a modular honeycomb-shaped shelving system

A storage system designed to be sturdy and fully customisable.

Graphite is a modular shelving system based on the principles of quality and simplicity. Designed by Spanish multidisciplinary team Grpht Dsgn, the folded hexagonal aluminium structure is easily assembled and completely customisable to adapt to individual storage needs and styles.

“Graphite is totally reconfigurable so it changes with you,” reads the team’s crowdfunding campaign.

Each hexagonal shape is made up of two “C-shape” parts for the body, a “V-shape” for connecting pieces and an “L-shape”, which is used to attach to a wall.

Assembling Graphite

The design is inspired by the versatility of the hexagonal honeycomb shape, a shape that has already inspired a range of products. But according to Graphite’s design team, their superior materials and design process sets their design apart from the rest. Although, the team was not exactly clear on what their “process” involves.

The design is simple yet proposes endless possibilities for applications in home storage, window displays and office furniture. The kit is easy to dismantle and can be stacked when stored. 

Showcasing Graphite