Graffiti rug

An Eastern European painting technique inspires Martí Guixé to design a rug in graffiti style.

From the Series

Martí Guixé’s dislike of design as a stylised object and form sees the creation of a rug used as a canvas.

The Spanish designer collaborated with rug designers Nanimarquina to contribute a contemporary rug to the Still Life With Lights exhibition at Sotheby's during Vienna Design Week.

Guixé used his knowledge of the Drip Painting technique to explore a new and inventive way to transform the traditional design method of a rug into a modern and unique creation.

Squeezing bottles of paint over a white rug in irregular tiled patterns, his “Painted Rug” resembles graffiti in a new form. Through painting by hand, Guixé hopes to create a rug that is valuable to all in appearance and appreciation.

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