Future school

LAVA's "Classroom of the Future" aims to redefine the look, feel and function of prefabricated learning spaces.

The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA)’s “Classroom of the Future” in Australia is an integrated, sustainable learning space for scholars of the future.

Modular and easily relocatable, the Classroom of the Future integrates with the landscape while still connecting with the school environment. Prefabrication and mass production are two key features of the classroom design, in response to the needs of remote communities and potential natural disasters.

The Classroom of the Future challenges the notion of prefabricated classrooms being cheap, unsightly or unpleasant.

Prefabrication, eco-materials, symmetrical repeatable geometry and lightweight, modular elements add to both the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the design.

The classroom can easily be adapted for light or shade, enclosed or open spaces and allows for varied climates, unusual configurations and typographies.

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