Fuss-free sustainability

Designers are the catalysts that make a sustainable future possible, it's probably because they take "No kak!".

“No kak!” is a beautifully South African way of expressing one’s intolerance of nonsense. It was also the theme of the 2010 Eco Design Initiative, a competition that called on South African design students and entrepreneurs to use their creativity and innovation abilities to make everyday life simpler, more pleasant and more sustainable.

The initiative wanted to see creativity that embodies concepts of clean and smart design. Participants had to carefully consider the materials used in the production by understanding its origin and its ability to be recycled. Submitted designs also had to promote and encourage environmental responsibility and user-friendliness, thus making it suitable for daily use.

The judging panel comprised a mix of South African creatives and industry experts. Working from the premise that good design is a renaissance attitude and that it combines creative instinct, technology, environment, political influence and human need, the assessment criteria considered all these variables. The storyboards were judged on sustainability, material selection, innovation, creativity, quality and the potential benefits to a user.

More than 150 entries from nine design institutions across the country have been received. The entries range from architecture to industrial design, landscaping, fashion and more.

The work of the finalists will be showcased at the 2011 Design Indaba.

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