Funky footwear

Forget fashion and trends, Kobi Levi's Footwear Art turns shoes into sculptural artworks resembling flowers, slides and even Madonna.

From the Series

Banana peels, a rocking chair, a slingshot, swans and tulips would appear to have very little in common. Apart from that they make for great shoe designs, when you’re looking at Kobi Levi’s Footwear Art.

Kobi Levi’s Footwear Art looks like sculptural artworks. The Israeli designer created a range of shoes that add a really playful touch to any outfit.

Created by hand in his Tel Aviv studio, Levi’s idea with the shoes is to bring a design concept to life. An extreme departure from the conventional look of most footwear, Levi’s Footwear Art adds more than a touch of humour to what your feet.

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