Found for shopping

With a strong focus on user location, Found Shopping has launched the perfect app for competitive shopping and budget-friendly spending all year-round.

Hitting the nail on the head with a fun and interactive way to discover the best shopping buys in South Africa, Found Shopping launched their locally designed app during Design Indaba Expo 2013, which ensures users budget-friendly spending 365 days a year. 

Design Indaba Expo 2013 attendees were the first to sample the app, which builds on the idea of "Sport Shoppers"; a term coined for market segments that allow people to shop competitively.

Found Shopping goes beyond just the notion of finding a great deal, it taps into elements of psychology that are common in most shoppers, such as experiencing a high with saving money and competing for great results.

"Found Shopping is the best way for people to share the exhilaration of finding gems first," says co-founder and CEO Faheem Kajee.

Beyond just letting users share and discover deals, Found Shopping allows users to keep track of their finds and how much money they are saving themselves and their friends.

Found Shopping was created by Faheem Kajee and Lawrence Webley after receiving funding from the prestigious Google Umbono entrepreneurship programme last year.

Download the app here.