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Do you think sex toys are sleazy, mass-produced objects best left hidden in a drawer? Take a look at the vibrator that's won a design award.

A vibrator winning an International Design Excellence Award. The prudish would complain about an “over-sexed” society but those who can appreciate quality design will say good form deserves recognition, irrespective of its function.

But Yves Béhar of fuseproject and Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane’s Form 2 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator functions well too. Béhar and Imboden are driven by the belief that if anything should be beautifully made and designed it should be the products that engage our sexuality. And Jimmyjane have just received their fouth IDEA award for their innovative, beautifully designed sex toys - the only company specialising in sexual products to ever receive an IDEA Award.

For Béhar, this is just one of the 14 IDEA awards that his company, fuseproject, walked away with in 2010. Besides Form 2, awarded designs include the world’s first intelligent headset, Jawbone; the nature-inspired Ardea personal light for Herman Miller; and the PACT organic cotton underwear.

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