Food fight: Emilie Baltz

Emilie Baltz thinks that vegetables, fruits, seeds and grains can be made more desirable.

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Food Bank
Food Bank.

Emilie Baltz is a multidisciplinary creative who published her Junk Foodie parody of American cuisine. Based in the USA, another of her projects entails a mobile sound booth that records people’s food memories with the intention of creating an oral archive of consumption nostalgia.

Should we be talking about food, nutrition or eating?
Eating. This is an action. This is behaviour. This is what needs changing.

Can you design food culture? What would you include?
For centuries food culture has been designed by rituals and traditions. I would include more actions around growing and sharing food within communities. This would lay a foundation for healthy ecosystems, both environmentally and socially.

How can emerging economies’ increasing desire for milk and meat be redesigned?
I think reverse psychology is not used often enough. In order for milk and meat to become less desirable, vegetables, fruits, seeds and grains need to become more desirable. This can be done through increased communication in the media (ad campaigns, marketing, etc.) as well as in school systems. Engaging our young generations in the joy of growing their own food and understanding where it comes from is the foundation to a sustainable future.