Folding fun

Cut, paste, create and decorate. Paper projects come alive, DIY style, with the Paper Punk kit.
Posted 3 Jul 11 By Design Indaba Craft Creative Work / Design News Comments

Try a little creative DIY with Paper Punk, a kit of paper that needs a bit of design flair to be turned into 3D geometric objects.

ReadyMade’s Grace Hawthorne has developed three initial Paper Punk kits, called Pup, Bot and Ride. The sets comprise “punch-n-build” shapes, lots of stickers and adhesives, instructions and a re-usuable folder in which store the paper treasures.

The paper kits transform into 3D geometric blocks, which you can then use to build toys spanning snakes to birthday cakes. Hawthorne has started the project with just a few designs called Singles, but plans to expand the concept to include free shapes online, a sturdier version for small kids and a charitable component for public school programmes.