A floating UFO to call home

Italian boating company designs a flying saucer-like house boat for living and sailing on the sea.

Italian boating company Jet Capsule specialise in spaceship-like vessels that offer an alternative and more compact means of travelling on water. Their latest design, a floating UFO home, takes sailing the seas to a whole new level. While its futuristic appearance is hard to ignore, the important element of the design is that the capsule functions entirely off the grid and is powered by solar, wind, and water energy.

When envisioning the vessel, founders Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla imagined a capsule for people who wish to “live in a floating house and move slowly around the world.” What they came up with was a floating home shaped like a flying saucer, and equipped with a living and kitchen area on the top floor and bedrooms and bathrooms situated on the bottom floor, submerged in the water. Glass walls offer a panoramic view of underwater sea life, which may create the impression of living in a fishbowl.

The capsule is built with a hydrojet system and is predominately powered by rooftop solar panels while the wind and water turbines provide backup should it be needed. Compared to a traditional propeller, the advantages of the hyrdojet is its internal rotating system, which is safer for aquatic life and it offers more manoeuvrability.

Water is acquired from rain and sea water. It is processed through a water generator. The rooftop of the capsule features a vegetable garden and an open deck that residents can use for various activities. During stormy weather and rough seas, the elastic anchor system, similar to the kind that secures floating docks, will ensure that the vessel stays stable and afloat.

The team at Jet Capsule are currently searching for investors to build its first prototype.