Fit for a king at Milan2011

Javier Mariscal’s latest collection of tables and chairs looks to the irony on which design development is based.
Posted 27 Apr 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

For the Magis Me Too Collection presented at the Milan Furniture Fair recently Javier Mariscal designed the Reiet collection of tables and chairs.

Looking to the good-natured irony on which design development is based, Mariscal used wood turning technology to develop a “chair used by the kings”, but through a reduction of shapes and proportions.

The Reiet collection started off as baroque pieces but as the project developed the shapes became subtler and cleaner, with very expressive results. Mariscal explains: “Wood creates a two-dimensional shape, where curved lines match with right angles to highlight the typical features of turned wood.”

The high back and shape of the armrests on the chairs in the Reiet collection give it a noble bearing: “A throne to make the children feel – as never before – the kings of the house.”

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