Fantastic plastic football jerseys

Some top soccer teams are showing their green spirit during the World Cup by wearing jerseys made using recycled plastic bottles.

Nike’s just doing it. The environmentally friendly way.

All of the eight national football teams that Nike sponsor, including Brazil, Portugal and the Netherlands, are wearing jerseys made using up to eight recycled plastic bottles.

Nike’s fabric suppliers sourced discarded plastic bottles from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites. These bottles were then melted to produce a new type of yarn that was converted into fabric used forthe national team kits. Supporters' kits made using recycled plastic are also available for all Nike-sponsored teams at outlets worldwide.

This innovative technique saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by about 30%. With this process Nike prevented nearly 13-million plastic bottles from going into landfill sites.

In considering the environment there has been no need for Nike to sacrifice the performance elements of the kits. They’re designed to still keep players drier, cooler and more comfortable while maintaining an optimum body temperature.