Extraterrestrial landing

Ross Lovegrove has designed a UFO installation, blurring the boundaries between reality and the supernatural.

Hovering over the tracks of Lille Flandre train station in France, a UFO captures the attention and imagination of many.

Arts organisation Lille3000 commissioned Ross Lovegrove to create a spacecraft for Fantasia 2012, a festival of futuristic concepts in design and the arts.

Lovegrove designed the “UFO Light” that is a typical archetype of his organic inspired design style. Made out of metal with slim lights marking its perimeter, the unidentified object seems to be on the verge of landing. A blue light transcends through its centre onto the station's platform, alluding to the well-known idea that a UFO lifts people into the spacecraft through a central light beam.

Lovegrove’s inspiration for the design is taken directly from blurry images and obscure film footage documenting life beyond planet earth. He further studied multiple interviews of area 51 scientists who were assigned to study systems and materials humans were not previously aware of.

The UFO sees a pure and pristine form denying boundaries between art and design, technology and science, spirituality and physics, nature and design.

The “UFO Light” presents visitors at Lille Flandre station in France with a supernatural and sublime reality until the end of January 2013.