Environmentally friendly gift-wrapping concept, Dono

Copenhagen-based design studio Frensk creates a reusable wrapping paper system that keeps a record of past users.

Frensk is a design studio founded in 2015 by French designers Aurélia Durand and Joëlle Bourquin. Based in Copenhagen, the designers’ handcrafted work and playful design objects are largely influenced by the Scandinavian culture of sustainability. Frensk’s first project, Dono proposes a waste-free alternative to gift-wrapping.

Dono was designed using the Japanese technique of origami tessellation – an art form that involves creating geometric objects by folding or warping paper. This results in 3D packages that look a lot like colourful paper lanterns. On each Dono package is a tab that reveals the names of those who have reused that same package and passed it on to be reused by someone else. The tag system is a playful way of keeping tabs on all the people who have helped save the environment by reusing Dono.

In light of holiday season, Dono encourages us to think about the amount of paper we waste when wrapping gifts. The reusable wrapping paper is designed to have a long life cycle compared to standard, single-use paper that goes straight to the trash.