Enabling communication

UNStudio's Youturn Pavilion is part artwork, part architecture and part installation that encourages diverse forms of communication.

With its interestingly formed and functional structure, UNStudio’s Youturn Pavilion for the 29th Art Biennale in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is intended to encourage interaction between participants and visitors by creating a place for display, discussions and debate.

Youturn Pavilion was one of six “terrieros”, located at the centre of the biennale. These “terrieros” form a circular route through the display spaces so that visitors can travel through them and use these spaces for expression, interpretation or contemplation.

The pavilion functions as a venue, “a nodal point”, within the context of the biennale and functions as a platform that allows communication through different means.

Located at the crossing between movement and display, the Youturn Pavilion forms part of the “I am the street” terriero, one of six conceptual, integrated spaces at the biennale.