Emotional objects by .Yuue

.Yuue, a design studio in Berlin, puts hidden messages in their product design.

The .Yuue Design Studio in Berlin, Germany designs products with an emotional dimension to them. Weng Xinyu and Tao Haiyue started the studio after completing their studies in product design and art at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Their latest project, Good medicine tastes bitter, is a range of conceptual products containing intentional messages communicating more than the obvious use of the object. "This is done to explore the future principles of product design," says Xinyu. 

Angry lamp, for example, is an aggressive looking lamp that's automated to be able to switch itself off when no one is around. Tangible Memory is a photo frame that blurs overtime like a fading memory. You can restore clarity by touching the glass covering the picture. Time Killer Clock will self-destruct when people are absent: a saw blade slowly cuts through the clock body until someone approaches. .Yuue says that, “this creates a passage and scenario that leads us to endless contemplation”.

Balance, another lamp design acts like scales, switching on when you slot a smartphone in the back. The weight of the phone raises the lamps' head and illuminates the workspace. Remove the phone and darkness follows. The products try to create an emotional response from the user through the messages they deliver.

.Yuue also publishes an independent art magazine Xiaoming (The Magazine), discovering and promoting creatives around the globe. 

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