An ecodesign rocking chair made from recycled plastic bottles.

A rocking chair made of upcycled plastic bottles and sustainable spruce is a guilt-free way to kick back.

France-based, eco-friendly home decor company Plastiketic unveiled the Kuskus, a rocking chair made from 36 upcycled PET bottles.  The bottles are slightly inflated with air to ensure maximum comfort and, if problems arise, they can be easily replaced at home.

Designed by Grégory Hoogstoel, the Kuskus is usable both indoors and outdoors. The frame of the rocking chair is made from sustainable spruce collected from a sustainable wood forest in France.

“All our products are eco-designed, limit the impact on the environment, and are enrolled in a process of upcycling, a process that involves transforming waste into a new product of superior quality,” says the company website.

Plastiketic sees plastic waste as a useful building material to create superior quality products that have the capacity to increase the aesthetics of a home. The Kuskus chair is within the company’s overarching mission to promote sustainability through reuse and upcycling. 

Their latest product is called Komako/atua, a vertical garden designed by Hoogstoël.