The Dutch e-bike powered by solar energy

The Dutch Solar Bike's sleek design is thanks to specially designed solar panels.
The e bicycle house solar cell in it from rim.

A Dutch start-up company called Solar Bike has teamed up with Solar Application Lab (SAL) in the Netherlands, to develop a sleek prototype of an electric bicycle that uses solar panels to generate its power.

The bike generates endless energy through solar panels located on the front wheel. Thanks to technological advancements, SAL’s latest solar panels can generate power on overcast and rainy days, says company founder Marc Peters.

“We’ve developed a technique that is twenty times more effective (than current solar cells)”, Peters said.

The breakthrough technology allows solar panel electric bikes, which have been around since the 1980’s according to, to move away from the bulky carriers used to house the panels in the past, ushering in new sleek design that is more likely to appeal to consumers.

The Dutch Solar bike is still in its prototype phase and is slated for release to the public in 2018.