Dutch DNA

Tjep. introduces the first ever DNA-driven furniture collection at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

From the Series

It’s a world’s first! DNA-driven furniture designs have been publicised at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

Dutch design house Tjep. are the pioneers in the first ever furniture and jewellery collection using DNA as its basis. The collection titled Dutch DNA enables people to capture life’s essence in timeless pieces of furniture. Being the life code, DNA represents the unique aspects in mankind and Tjep. has managed to transform this into eternal models.  

Offering people the opportunity to visualise individual expressions of life, Dutch DNA comprises a range of jewellery, sculptures, furniture and home accessories, unique to various participants.

The first display pieces are made from Dutch contemporary dance performer and model Giulia Wolthuis’ DNA. Known as the Darwin Table, Wolthuis’ DNA, taken from saliva samples, is embedded into a crafted table via analysis completed at a laboratory in Holland. The DNA is fed into a program that charts the data, and forms lines that are built up into three-dimensional forms, resulting in precision milling. The table is then hand-finished with lacquer.

The process starts with a simple and very established genetic profiling test, the same that is used by the police or in paternal tests, says Frank Tjepkema.

As everyone’s DNA is different, the patterns created will be unique and authentic for each piece of furniture, jewellery or sculpture created.

Dutch DNA is on display during Milan Furniture Fair until 14 April 2013.


Watch the Talk with Frank Tjepkema