Diversity and destiny

The Crazy Legs table made from reclaimed wood by Tekura Design based in Accra, Ghana depicts both our diversity as people and our collective destiny.

Part of the Project

Crazy Legs Table by Tekura Design.
Crazy Legs Table by Tekura Design.

The Crazy Legs Table by Tekura Design is a delightful wooden table, which according to the designers depicts “the competition we go through as people in our own particular environment”.

We may be different in diverse ways, we may come in different forms, shapes, sizes and even colour, and with different mentalities yet we have a common root and destiny. The legs depict our diversity, and the top represents our common bond, our common destiny, says Josephine Forson, owner of Tekura Design.

Tekura is a local family business located in Accra, Ghana. Established in 2000 by husband-and-wife team Josephine and Kweku Forson, they started out producing traditional handicraft but soon graduated to making contemporary African furniture and décor pieces. They are committed to creating employment and being a leader in the reinvention of African artistry and culture into modern as well as functional, high quality products.

Tekura’s respect for heritage and quality of life not only informs their designs but also extends to the environment. Their pieces are produced exclusively from carefully selected, reclaimed wood.

The Crazy Legs Table formed a part of the Africa is Now exhibition at Design Indaba Expo 2014, under the theme 'Africa is Tradition Reinvented' that explored how today’s designers interpret ancient vocabularies of form, material and craft, into a new visual language, creating African icons anew. It is about the juxtaposition of the age-old and the future-forward, about recontextualising the here and now.