The DeskStand by RCAgency

It’s said to be as deadly as smoking and sugar but have no fear, Cape Town-based designer Ryan Roberts has created a healthy alternative to sitting.

Ryan Roberts’s Cape Town-based design firm RCAgency is providing an alternative to sitting away your nine-to-five day in front of the computer. Roberts’s creation, the DeskStand, makes you do one easy thing: Get up. 

The DeskStand is an adaptable, wooden standing desk that improves your posture, keeps you focussed and is great for your back.

The negative impact of sitting for extended hours is making standing an attractive prospect for people who work desk jobs. Standing increases focus and energy, engages your muscles and improves your posture. While standing you can also burn up to 200 calories a day.

Standing and working at a desk isn’t a new idea. Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Jefferson were all known to be proponents of standing at their desks while working.

But the DeskStand makes it more viable, not to mention attractive. It is available in two finishes:  Baltic Birch plywood and Exterior Pine Plywood. The former is slightly more upmarket and is characterised by its excellent strength properties and resistance to humidity.  

Both materials are strong enough to support your work tools such as a laptop, a screen and keyboard at the same time.

The DeskStand comes flatpacked and assembles in three simple steps.

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