Design recycled

Nendo's latest collection of tableware, "Bottleware" draws inspiration from the original Coca-Cola "contour bottle" and sustainable product design.

Connecting people and the recycling process, Nendo has designed a new tableware collection that supports eco-friendly product design.

Using the iconic Coca-Cola “contour bottle” that was first developed in 1916, Nendo’s tableware collection, “Bottleware” looks at how to use deteriorated recyclable bottles for a new purpose. Each bottle that is no longer able to serve its original purpose due to extensive washing and refilling has been turned into a dish or bowl. Each piece of the collection draws on the original bottle as it retains the distinctive lower shape. Appearing as though the top has been sliced off, “Bottleware” reveals a strong visual appearance.

Nendo further captured the particular greenish tint and fine air bubbles of the original bottle. Placing emphasis on simple shapes for the collection, Nendo successfully enhances the bottle’s exclusive traits.

The “Bottleware” collection was exhibited at DesignTide Tokyo earlier this year.