Design intersections

Win a place on a new course that explores the role of the designer as mediator between culture and nature.

Increasingly the role of the designer takes the form of a mediator. A mediator between nature and culture who understands and responds to the imperatives arising from a constantly changing world.

"Cross-Pollination" is a workshop that opens up the dialogue on this subject and explores various issues around it. Presented by Haldane Martin, Karen Suskin and Helen van Zyl, the workshop is open to students and professionals interested in exploring an emerging design field.

The workshop will have theoretical and practical components, looking specifically at the connecting patterns in nature and living concepts in thinking. Other themes that will be explored include deepening and refining individual and collective purpose, extending our respect for social and environmental concern, and leading design towards an integrated and balanced future.

Five broad themes will guide the workshop. These include original thinking, inner and outer dialogue, advancing design conceptualisation, the generative idea, and design leadership.

The workshop will be presented at Martin’s studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, on 4, 7, 11, 24 and 18 May. Another workshop will be presented on 20, 23, 27 and 30 July, and 3 August. Professionals pay R2 500 for the workshop while students get a discount and pay only R1 700.

Cross-Pollination is offering one Design Indaba user a place on the workshop. Email before 22 April 2011, state whether you’re a professional or student, and you could win!

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