Design Indaba Music Chart: MICR.PLUTO

Check out the second instalment of an exclusive weekly music feature. This week's artist is MICR.PLUTO.

Rapper, designer and producer Tshego Nyatlo goes by Vulkan Cydeburner as well as Micr.Pluto. He is inspired by the many sounds all around us. In this week's exclusive feature he shares his understanding of sound and it's design elements; the loud, the soft, the texture, color and measure of it. 

Why should people support music as a design-centric element?

Music is very similar to design. It encompasses similar elements such as style, technique, compositions and texture. As a designer, I enjoy working to music as it enhances my design process.

How do you feel about being chosen for the circuit?

Damn…I‘ve been celebrating since I found out. I am honoured.   

Why did you choose these songs, and what about them speaks to who you are as a musician?

They express very different ideas and I wanted to capture a bit of variety in my mix. The brokenness of certain tracks against the cool temperament of others, the diversity of sound, the feeling and visuals they express definitely speak a lot to who I am as a musician. They express diversity and a broadened outlook on music and sound.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how music has become a part of your life.

I am quite the solitary person constantly engaging the creative side of life. I grew up in quite an artistic family and have been involved in the arts from a very young age.  I studied fine art and design and believe this was the gateway to getting into the music scene. Listening to a lot of Hip Hop and being so intrigued by its artistic form engaged me in creating music on this level.

What can we expect from your performance?

A full-bodied musical experience.

I am pretty intrigued by space and I think that’s primarily where the whole concept of 'Pluto' stems from. The idea is to express subconscious concepts and also create my own interpretations of what space would sound like if we could grasp every frequency of sound out there…