Design an eco-friendly building

Sustainability is important in the built environment so here's a chance to show off your eco-friendly building designs.
Intergrated Habitats Design Competition
Integrated Habitats Design Competition

The Integrated Habitats Design Competition encourages green building and infrastructure design in the UK. The focus is on promoting and emphasising nature in the built environment by designing for ecosystem services and adaptation to climate change.

Here’s why we need to take note of these issues:

  • Building account for about 30% of green house gas emissions
  • There’s a move towards green and zero-carbon buildings
  • Planning for climate change in cities and the built environment
  • Promoting biodiversity in cities

The Integrated Habitats Design Competition is open to students and professional in the fields of architecture, engineering, ecology and landscaping. The competition is open to individuals and teams. Submissions can be for any built environment design project (new build, retrofit) in an urban, suburban or rural location, of any size, anywhere in the UK, but must take into account each of the 6 Design Criteria:

  • Ecosystem Services,
  • Biodiversity
  • Water, Energy 
  • Low-carbon
  • Livability
  • Economics

Entries close on 30 June 2010. The overall winner will be awarded a cash prize. All finalists will receive free entry to CIRIA's World Green Roof Congress in London in September and have their work published and displayed at a 5-week exhibition at The Building Centre, London.

This competition is run by the charity RESET in partnership with

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