Desert mirage

United Visual Artists explored the ability or inability to interpret a surrounding environment with their "Fragment" installation.

What is real and what is a figment of our imagination?

United Visual Artists (UVA) have recently created an installation that investigates our  ability or inability to interpret the surrounding environment.

The interaction design studio UVA have continued their ongoing study into scientific models of nature and their experimentation in using light as a formable material with their Fragment installation.

The installation is made with 421 octahedron frames, which are assembled to form an inverted pyramid, suspended in a day-lit entrance space. Artificial white light contrasts with natural daylight to create a fragmented image. Shapes are created that allude to real world illusions such as a desert mirage or fata morgana, otherwise known as a narrow band that appears above a horizon.  

Fragment was a site specific installation found at Level in Dubai earlier this year. 

Watch the Talk with United Visual Artists (UVA)