Deceptive chocolates

Nendo has created a limited-edition set of chocolates that resemble a variety of oil paint tubes.

Nendo’s latest creation combines the childhood excitement of opening a new box of paints with the thrill of opening a box of chocolate received unexpectedly. 

The Japanese design studio’s “Chocolate-Paint”, for Japanese department store Seibu, resembles a set of oil paints… but don’t be fooled. The tubes do not in fact contain paint but rather delicious chocolates.

The set contains 12 tubes, each in a different flavour. From fruity varieties including blueberry, melon and raspberry to others like coffee, brandy and honey, there is sure to be a favourite for everyone.

The tubes not only indicate each chocolate’s flavour but also functions as a wrapper, keeping fingers clean while eating, says Nendo founder Oki Sato.

“Chocolate-Paint” is available at Seibu Department Store in Japan.