Death, taxes and redesigns

It's not every day that taxes and customs are the inspiration for interesting design, but look at what Studio Tjep did for the Dutch Tax and Customs Museum.

Bright, colourful and with a design edge to envy... Not quite what one expects from a tax and customs museum. But then the Dutch Tax and Customs Museum isn't just any museum. The recently re-opened space has a brand new look and feel designed Frank Tjepkema's Studio Tjep.

The Rotterdam-based institution's design concept is based on aiding the tax payer in understanding why, how and to whom tax money has been paid to over the years.

All showcases in the musuem differ in width, height - a design element that has been considered to reflect how taxes are all about measuring and weighing.

The museum is taking special pride in in one of the centre pieces, a clockwork model that represents the Dutch tax system, and the Douane Doe room for children to play and learn about customs and taxes.

Watch the Talk with Frank Tjepkema