Danish treats

Jasper Morrison curates an exhibtion of iconic Danish designs.

“Danish design – I like it” is the name of an exhibition presenting an historical documentation of products from Denmark.

Curated by Jasper Morrison, the exhibition can be seen at the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen until 4 September 2011. The show also signals the renaming of the space’s name from the Danish Museum of Art and Design to the Design Museum Denmark.

Morrison is known to have a long time interest in Danish design. With this exhibition he curates and presents his own perspective on Danish design but also places it within its international context, drawing attention to the archetypal, humane and timeless qualities. He says: “I am preoccupied by the beauty as well as the quality of Danish design - this means both its physical and its aesthetic qualities. The shapes represent the humane and the generous, which to me symbolises Danish design.”

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