Curated hub

From food design to digital design, Tom Dixon's "MOST" project is sure to be a creative highlight in Milan next year.

With forward-thinking culture, commerce and creativity, Tom Dixon will once again instigate a curated creative hub for Milan Design Week in 2013. 

Following the success of this year's MOST exhibition during the Milan Design Week, Dixon will once again create a design destination that seeks to highlight innovation in design and technology.

MOST will showcase a multifaceted approach to design processes with special attention on craftsmanship, rapid prototyping, fast food versus slow food, and digital designs.

With the shows main partner being, an online retailer, Dixon reinforces MOST’s commitment to distribution and digital communication as an integral part of any design process. Active ideas will be broadcast out to Milan and the rest of the world to strengthen the global power of innovation. 

MOST will be exhibited at the Milan Museum od Science and Technology during Milan Design Week 2013

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