Crowdsourcing power

CrowdFlower is a crowdsourcing platform that offers scalable solutions that deliver fast and accurate results for business data problems.

From the Series

There’s no limit to what CrowdFlower can do. With over one billion tasks submitted by five million contributors, this crowdsourcing service is sure to solve a multitude of business data problems.

CrowdFlower is the world’s leading crowdsourcing service specialising in microtasking: distributing small, discrete tasks to many online contributors.

As everyone deserves the opportunity to do meaningful work, CrowdFlower gives anyone, anywhere the chance to earn what they want, where they want – with the help of an internet connection and a computer or smartphone.

Mathematicians, statisticians, cartographers, musicians, psychologists, entrepreneurs and information systems engineers make up the CrowdFlower team. With expertise in search relevance, content modernisation, business data verification/correction and more, this crowdsourcing platform takes into account that every project is unique and finds a workflow and team that is tailored to your business rules and budget. 

CrowdFlower is a finalist in the Community cateogory of the INDEX: Award 2013.