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Matali Crasset worked with local Tunisian craftsmen to raise awareness of the country's beautiful natural environment.
Posted 27 Nov 12 By Design Indaba Craft Creative Work / Lookbook Comments

With a focus on experimentation, Matali Crasset teamed up with local Tunisian craftsmen to raise awareness of the creative oasis in Nefta.

Crasset’s project Palmlab questions the concept of a living environment in order to make space for mobility and experimentation. Palmlab presents new ideas and thoughts on Tunisian ecology and tourism through developing local initiatives that give insight into the rich potential of the country. The project helps local craftsmen to contribute to the country's economy by creating various products and display pieces, while further learning about how to protect their beautiful landscape. 

Centred round the oasis and the palm trees of Tunisia, Palmlab considers the future of the environment and seeks to raise awareness for the local community on how to protect and rehabilitate it.