Countertop farming

Domesticated farming options to try in your kitchen.

From the Series

1 JARST. By designers Leonardo Fortino and Andrea Bartolucci, Jarst installs a composting unit into indoor pot plants, making recycling organic waste convenient.

2 O-LIGHT. Grow a lawn, refresh your air and pimp your pad with the O-light, by Carlo Sartini and Ivan Falascina, a microclimate in a stylish furniture piece.

3 LOCAL RIVER. By Mathieu Lehanneur and Anthony van den Bossche, Local River is a DIY fish-farm-cum-kitchen-garden based on the principle of aquaponics.

4 SOIL LAMP AND CLOCK. The metabolism of biological life produces enough electricity for the Soil Clock and Lamp to run on mud. Designed by Marieke Staps, the clock plugs the copper and zinc endpoints into two plants, while the LED lamp has its mud enclosed. Make sure to keep the soil wet.

5 STREAMGARDEN. Streamgarden is a personal hydroponic garden designed for homes and even offices. Adapted to the irregular hours of modern urban people, the low maintenance system only needs its water level checked and refilled once a week.

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