Cosmic Surgery combines photography and the delicate art of origami

Unrecognisable, futuristic faces mark Alma Haser’s Cosmic Surgery series.

Alma Haser is a German photographer based in London. Her project, Cosmic Surgery, takes an origami-infused approach to portraiture. The result is the futuristic distortion of her photographed models that will now be documented in a pop-up book.

Using her paper-folding skills, Haser delicately folds the face of her photographed model into an origami shape before placing it on top of the photograph. The final step is to photograph the creation in its entirety.

“There is something quite alien about the manipulated faces,” Haser’s website reads. “In these portraits, the children become uncanny, while their parents are seen in a more familiar moment.”

Haser recently launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of her pop-up book. Last year a very limited run of 10 books were produced by hand. This Kickstarter is to help make the second edition happen.