Cool for school

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have designed a series of comfortable and cost-effective furniture pieces for the revamp of Kobenhavns University.

The Bouroullec brothers have been challenged to create a somewhat homely set of chairs, desks and benches to renovate a division of the Kobenhavns University in Denmark.

Furniture company HAY, along with the Kobenhavns University in Copenhagen, invited brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to design furniture for the revamp of the Humanities Faculty.

Taking up the challenge, the design brothers aimed to create strong, durable wooden furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and quick to make.

Taking inspiration from an old wooden university trestle chair, the brothers opted for oak and beech materials that would support the original classification of the chair’s style as well as ensuring comfort and durability.

In creating a chair with the outer shell cut into two parts, the design is comfortable and adaptable. Four legs are attached directly to the ridge under the seat in an A-shape to allow the chairs to be both flexible and stacked neatly in high vertical piles when necessary. The seat and back of the chair are slightly mounted in order to allow the user to move about freely while seated behind a desk.

Since the last century, whenever they build a school or university in Denmark they ask a designer to design the chairs for that space. We are proud to be part of the university history.

The Kobenhavns University will reopen its doors in January 2013 and is sure to amaze many with its designer refurbishment.

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