Connecting people

Airside's new animations for Nokia are about connecting people, places and every day experiences.

Those very innovative folk at Airside Design Studio have created two edgy new animations for the launch of Nokia’s latest mobile handset.

Nokia’s viNE is a new application for the N-series of mobile phones. The application has a “geo-tagging” feature that allows users to tag music played and photos taken to a specific geographic location using the phone’s GPS tracking technology. Users are then also able to upload this information to a dedicated site where it becomes a platform on which to share their journeys with the world.

Airside’s brief was to develop short animations for Nokia’s website that explains the application to a non-technical audience. The campaign was developed around the notion that every message brings us closer, and the animation demonstrates how the viNE can be used in various social contexts and lifestyle situations to bring people closer, in an engaging and entertaining way.

Faced by the challenge of giving it mass general appeal without patronising the tech-savvy, Airside created a central character for each film, with the character appealing to a specific consumer group. Daisy is the character associated with the youth market while Karim speaks to the prosumers, or early adopters.