Connecting bridge

A new mega structure in Seoul, South Korea, is more than just a bridge... It generates its own power.

The “Paik Nam June Media Bridge” is a new concept for a multi-functional bridge over the Han River in Seoul, Korea.

Architectural firm Planning Korea have announced their plans to design and build a futuristic mega-structure that will serve as a multi-storey bridge, accommodating a mini city with park, malls, museum and meeting place. The idea is also that the Paik Nam June Media Bridge will generate its own electricity with the solar panel coverings. The green space over the bridge can also be cultivated as a horizontal and vertical garden. Further, the outer layer of the bridge can be used as a canvas to display the work of video and media artists.

The bridge is also intended to connect Dangin-li Power Plant in the north and the National Assembly Building in the south, where the bridge will serve as an illustration of how a city can be expanded to the river.