Connecting angles

Ineke Hans's "Swing - Wing" collection of chairs and desks are based on a simple concept of connecting various angles.

“Swing – Wing” is a new collection of desks and chairs by Dutch designer Ineke Hans.

Based on the simple concept of connecting angles of laser-cut and folded rectangular tubes, resulting in simple-looking desk and chair frames.

The angles in Hans’s designs work to create a comfortable, well-supported surface for the chairs. Hans explains that the wooden back of the Swing chair is fixed to the frame with a low-tech swing element that follows the position of your back when sitting, ensuring extra comfort.

Complementing the Swing chairs are the Wing desks. The desks have a long “box” connected to them, which adds to the structural firmness of the desk while also adding an extra functionality. The box can be closed with a hinge lid, making it the ideal place for hiding computer cables or other wiring.

The desks are easily adjustable and are available is different widths and heights.

Watch the Talk with Ineke Hans

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