Concave roof design collects rainwater to cool the interior

This crafty double roof design collects rainwater and cools the interior of the home in arid regions

Developed by Iranian firm BMDesign Studio, the concave and domed double roof was created specifically for arid regions. These regions experience high temperatures and rapid rates of evaporation, leaving water scarce.

The Concave Roof system consists of two domes balanced on top of each other. The concave roof at the top collects even the smallest amount of rain that eventually coalesces into bigger drops, just right for harvesting before they evaporate. The water is then funnelled into reservoirs located within the walls of the buildings, cooling the home. It also provides extra shading and because of this, the domed roof at the bottom is only partly exposed to the sun and airflow between the two roofs is increased, to keep the interior cooler.


The firm envisions future versions of the self-cooling home to include semi-submerged buildings.


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