Colour One for MINI Scholten & Baijings

Design Indaba Conference speakers Scholten & Baijings' exhibition "Colour One" for MINI was on show at the CTICC, in Cape Town.

Colour One for MINI by the internationally renowned Dutch design duo, Scholten & Baijings explores the design of a MINI One by examining its composition down to the smallest detail and, in so doing, dissecting the design process per se.

 Fascinated by the principle of concept cars, Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings set about their very own interpretation of MINI, applying their highly conceptual approach.  The designers questioned virtually every aspect of design along the way, to query the rules of automotive design and shed new lights on them.

The installation visualises the layered structure of a MINI One in startling textures, entrancing colours and skilled craftsmanship – the familiar stylistic devices of Scholten & Baijings.

Watch the Talk with Scholten & Baijings