Coke live

Billboards are everywhere, so what if they could absorb carbon dioxide? Cola-Cola and WWF have the right idea.

The world’s first living billboard was recently unveiled in the Philippines and hopes to significantly contribute to alleviating air pollution.

Cola-Cola and the World Wildlife Federation joined forces to create the 18 metre x 18 metre billboard with countless Fukien tea plants. The plants are believed to have the capacity to each absorb about five kilograms of carbon dioxide a year. It is estimated that, annually, the billboard will alleviate its proximate area of some 21 000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

The pots in which the various Fukein tea plants are planted are all made from recycled bottles from various Coca-Cola products. A mixture of industrial byproducts and organic fertilizers form the potting mixture for the plants. This formula is both stable and lightweight, while a gravity-fed drip irrigation system delivers water and nutrients to the billboard plants.

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