With it's industrial feel and sleek look, Piers Mansfield-Scaddan's Espresso lamp is a must-have modern home accessory.

"Espresso" is a new table lamp by Piers Mansfield-Scaddan. Manifesting notions of domestic comfort and reminiscent of an Italian coffee percolator, the lamp is made using folded anodised aluminium.  The Espresso is available in “single” or “double shot” sizes and in a variety of colours.

“Dumb Box”, a modular console unit, is a second piece of work. Made from solid aluminium panels and with a span of 2.4 metres, it still manages to maintain its simplicity. Mansfield-Scadda explains that the piece was “obsessively engineered” to fit together like a 3D puzzle with no visible bolts and held together by its own weight of 230kg.

Both these new works juxtapose precision engineering with furniture and lighting products, Mansfield-Scaddan explains. These two pieces were first previewed at the Jo’burg Art Fair but now form part of the Southern Guild Collection. Mansfield-Scaddan worked closely with interior designers Trevyn and Julian McGowan to develop products for this local and international range.

Trained in sculpture, Mansfield-Scaddan worked as a designer in London for 12 years. Upon his return to South Africa he set up Fly-Pitcher Design Studio where he collaborates with interior designer Nicola Polmans on architectural and interior projects.

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