Coffee on the go

The Flej personal drinking system is an all-in-one quality coffee solution for camping enthusiasts!

It’s a sentiment that many coffee lovers can relate to – that dire need for a decent cup of coffee when you’re away from the amenities that can provide one, like on a camping trip.

Creighton Schlebach, a self-proclaimed Cape Town-based traveller and inventor, started pondering this problem on a five-month source-to-sea journey down the Congo River.

Several iterations and prototypes later he came up with the Flej PDS (personal drinking system).

Flej is an all-in-one (hot) drink solution consisting of five parts. 

Cup and lid: At first glance the Flej cup looks just like any other cup, but it features the latest self-stir technology – a micropump on the underside of the cup means you can stir your drink without lifting  a finger (well, almost) and certainly without a spoon.

Caddi: The Caddi fits perfectly into the cup and with its four separate compartments, the Caddi can store a total of 36 teaspoons of coffee (or sugar). The Caddi also comes with handy scale-markers to help you measure the right quantity of your favourite drink.

MyBru: A reusable filter that fits neatly onto the cup means you never have to settle for instant coffee on a camping trip ever again!

Cozi: Made of the neoprene, this hot little number will not only keep your drink hotter for longer, it also accentuates the cup’s curves.

HangOn: This handy little accessory makes it super easy to attach the Flej to your backpack or belt. 

And you'll never need to drink bad coffee again!

Flej debuted at Design Indaba Expo 2013