Chronicle releases scientific guide to Marijuana

Marijuana is no longer associated with stoners, proves Chronicle with the release of “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana”.

As lawmakers grapple with the changing perceptions of marijuana, Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and his team have capitalised on the changing times with Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana, a new book from Chronicle that is not just another ode to the once infamous Mary Jane.

While a number of similar projects come off as cliched hippy nostalgia targeted at stoners, Opara’s team endeavoured to create a masterpiece in design and content that reads like a scientific guide to marijuana. 

“We wanted to create a book that you wouldn’t want to tear the pages out of to roll a spliff,” Opara said.

The book’s author Dan Michaels emphasised the importance of taking a scientific approach.

“Cannabis is very complex and the information graphics, layout and typography, help to simply and explain everything you need to know about this plant,” he said. “The clean framework organizes the material beautifully and makes it appealing for users of all experience levels. Data visualizations, diagrams, charts, step-by-step guides, and other infographics help establish a scientific context that is friendly, entertaining, and easy to understand.”

The book is divided into two sections, “Primer” and “Buds”.

The “Primer” section details everything you need to know about weed using infographics and taste profiles to explain plant anatomy, various strains and flavour.

The “Buds” section uses a colour-coding system to detail 159 different strains, going from sativa to indica, meeting in the middle at true hybrid.

The book also delves into user etiquette, illustrations on how to correctly roll the perfect joint and various other smoking options.

The book’s most praised feature is its design. The vivid cover image of a bud is paired with a die-cut title, revealing a shock of orange underneath, resembling a lit joint.

Michaels describes this as practical information paired with elegant design and striking photography.

The reader is greeted with the brilliant photography of Eric Christiansen from beginning to end. Christiansen’s studio, Nugshots, specialises in detailed macro shots of various cannabis strains.

“The useful scientific and cultural information is balanced by detailed infographics and high-definition macro photography to demystify the subject and capture the true essence and natural wonder of cannabis. High or not, it’s not hard for readers to get lost in looking at the book,” said Michaels.

The eye-catching cover will be honoured with an award at this year’s New York Book Show and an accompanying Strain Journal will be released later this year.

The Green Journal will allow the user to keep track of the various marijuana strains sampled and enjoyed.

“This handy journal features fill-in diary pages (similar to a beer or wine tasting journal) to quickly and easily record, and refer back to, the vital information and full experiences had with bud and beyond,” said Michaels.