Christmas ornaments get redesigned to raise funds for Detroit museum

American designers teamed up to create a range of bespoke Christmas ornaments to raise funds for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit.

WorkOf, the online marketplace for home wares by independent designers, has partnered with Detroit-based brand Shinola on a collection of designer holiday ornaments. 

The two companies called on 34 designers from New York City and Los Angeles to create bespoke Christmas tree ornaments that would be sold to raise money for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit. The individual ornaments were created with each designer’s respective aesthetic and preferred materials.

“The only control for the designers was limiting the size of each ornament,” says WorkOf creative director Isaac Friedman-Heiman.

“Beyond this, there was total creative freedom for each studio to produce whatever they wanted. What is so interesting about the resulting ornaments is that they all end up being singular and truly emblematic of the designer who produced them – and their larger design practice.”

The resulting ornaments are a far stretch from the usual Christmas variety.

The designs will be sold on an online auction, which launched with an event during Design Miami and ends on 17 December.