Carpet creations

The Campana Brothers and Eklund Sisters have worked together on a colourful exhibit, aimed at promoting dialogue.

For the 2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair the Campana Brothers and the Eklund Sisters of Bolon collaborated on creating an expo booth for the Bolon textile company.

Featuring no less than 7 000 pieces of geometrically shaped carpeting, the concept for the booth is based on the idea of deconstruction, transformation and reinvention. The colours of the carpet pieces are typically Brazilian while also incorporating modest materials for simple, everyday solutions. The random nature of the mosaic pattern that covers the vertical and horizontal surfaces work to create an almost abstract environment of colours and shapes.

With this project the Campanas and Eklunds wanted a piece that would point to innovation, with the puzzle-like look-and-feel serving as a reference to Bolon’s Artisan line.