Cardboard shelter

An origami-inspired corrugated cardboard shelter is a great temporary solution for the urban homeless and victims of disaster.

Combining origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, and corrugated cardboard creates an immediate disaster relief shelter. The Cardborigami is Tina Hovsepian’s innovative and instant solution to problems of urban homelessness.

Hovsepian came up with the idea for the Cardborigami while studying at the USC School of Architecture. Her design uses standard corrugated cardboard that has been treated to be waterproof and fireproof. The cardboard sheets are mechanically scored which allows for uniform construction when the shelter is deployed.

The origami element comes into play with each cardboard unit’s ability to be folded and unfolded to create different sizeable spaces for temporary shelter.

When the shelter is not needed or has to be transported, it simply folds up into a size that is easily carried by a single person.

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