Captured stillness

From group exhibitor to solo exhibitor, Dillon Marsh Photography is getting bigger and better by the day.

Part of the Project

After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Dillon Marsh decided to follow his passion for photography and set up Dillon Marsh Photography. Having a keen eye for detail, he has successfully intermediated the two disciplines.

Marsh is inspired by desolate landscapes and different cultural lifestyles. His main focus at present is his Landscape series. The array of photographs capture objects that seem to be out of the ordinary in a beautifully detailed manner. Without the appreciation that Marsh invests in his work these objects might otherwise blend into the landscape never revealing their splendour.

"I feel I am able to show both the character of the individual members, and the characteristics that make these objects a family," Marsh explains.

Marsh has also grouped together a Travel series, which showcases his photographs while travelling in and around South Africa, China and India. The series goes beyond tourist attractions and seeks to depict the lifestyle and living conditions in each destination.

Since 2007, Marsh has been exhibiting in selected group exhibitions around South Africa, his first being the Vuleka Art Competition in Bellville. In 2011, he held his first solo exhibition, Lay of the Land at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town. With its success, Marsh once again embarked on a solo exhibition this year entitled, Landmarks, I at Blank Projects in Cape Town.

Dillon Marsh Photography was part of the Emerging Creatives programme at Design Indaba 2011. Here he was introduced to influential gallery owner David Krut which resulted in his participation of two group exhibitions held at David Krut Gallery.